Meet our Area Commissioner Team!

Name: Jenny Hall

Number of years in guiding: 18 years

Guiding career: I started as a Sparks Guider and moved through all the branches with my daughter. I took on the role of District Commissioner and stayed in that role (either as a deputy or DC) for 6 years. I have also been a part of Membership and the FR1 team for Area.

Favourite camp food: Anything cooked lovingly by the girls! I am not picky!

Girl member? Yes, I did a few years as a Brownie.

What keeps you in Guiding? The girls and what Guiding can do for them.

Best lesson learned from the girls: That I can step back and let the girls lead – they really are great at running their own program if they are truly given the reins. Let them surprise you! It is amazing what a group of youth can do together.

Name: Bev Lindsay

 Number of  years in guiding: 35 years

 Guiding career: Brownie, Guide, Pathfinder, Ranger Guider, Training, Program Adviser, Store Manager, Provincial Merchandising and Training Committees, DC, Deputy DC, Deputy AC, AC.

 Favourite camp food: Bannock

 Funniest guiding memory: making bacon and eggs in a bag. There were a lot of bacon and eggs in the fire.

 Girl member? 2

 What keeps you in guiding? being a part of this organization that empowers girls and women to be the best they can be and to do whatever they put their minds to.

 Best lesson learned from the girls: that you can have fun camping, no matter the weather

Name: Marion Weir

Number of years in guiding: 43 years?

Guiding career: Unit Guider; District Camp Adviser Adviser; District Commissioner; Area Camp Adviser/Commissioner; Area Training Adviser/Coordinator; Cheam Area Commissioner ;Fraser Skies Area first Commissioner; Soar Steering Committee 1995-2011; Girl Events Coordinator

 Favourite camp food: Bannock roasted over open fire with butter & jam!

Funniest guiding memory: Line dancing with a hobby horse at Soar in Merritt

Girl member? American Sunbeam (Brownie); Brownie; Guide

What keeps you in guiding? Love working with Girls and Adults – teacher in me!

Best lesson learned from the girls: Never assume anything!

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