Children’s Art Tax Credit (CATC)

Important information for registrations

The programs offered by Girl Guides of Canada | Guides du Canada are eligible for the Children’s Art Tax Credit (CATC) announced as part of the 2011 budget, tabled by the Federal Government on June 6, 2011.

To claim this non-refundable tax credit, taxpayers (parents) will require a receipt containing specific information. Please be sure to use an Official CATC Receipt Leaders’ Secure Page) which includes all the required information:

  • Names of the organization (Girl Guides of Canada and your district)
  • Name of the program or event (e.g. annual registration, Unit camp, etc.)
  • Amount received (Include amount eligible for CATC. Likely the same amount.)
  • Received date of payment
  • Full name of person who has paid
  • Full name of the child involved
  • Birth year of the child
  • Authorized signature (e.g. Guider in Charge, District Commissioner, or District Treasurer)

Please be sure you are using only the Official Receipt and keep duplicate copies. This will help to avoid a tax time rush of parents wanting you to prepare receipts for them to include in their tax returns.
Information regarding the Children’s Art Tax Credit can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website at

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