Camp Committee Update

Summer and Fall Camp Committee event sign-ups start this spring!

We hope you are getting your units out camping. The Camp Committee is only an email away for your camp questions, ideas, camp skill progression and support!

Bridging can make camping fun! Try asking another unit to join your camp or invite pathfinders or rangers to help teach camp skills. Planning with other Guiders, dividing up the work, and sharing of knowledge and skills can take some of the stress off getting outdoors.

Many units follow the school calendar for unit meetings – but camping weather is usually nicer in the summer. Maybe there’s a date or two you can offer some summer fun. Guiding girls are registered over summer too! Guiders can always book a summer camp, hike in our local forest, or meet at the beach for some practice cooking on a camp stove, or just an exploration of some of the parks in your area. Try getting together with other Guiders in the area and combine your unit girls. Guiders can also get together to practice skills and share ideas without the girls. Enjoy the outdoors, explore and get your adventure on!

When doing your spring planning also look into booking your fall camp or outdoor day events. Here are some upcoming Camp Committee events you may want to add to your calendars.

Paddling Day Sept 1 2018– Guides/Pathfinders/Rangers

Ridge Wilderness will run the program at Fort Brae Park in Fort Langley.

  • Guide Age 10am-3pm
    • Patrol application (cost $15 per girl)
    • ½ day paddle in big/voyager canoe (10-12pm) covering water safety badge
    • ½ of day will be lunch, gadgets and knots.
  • Pathfinders/Rangers 8:30am-4pm canoe training
    • individual application (cost $35)
    • 9am-4pm Intro tandem canoe course (Paddle Canada)
  • Pathfinder/Ranger with Previous Canoe course completed 9am-4pm
    • individual application (cost $35)  
    • out and back day exploration paddle 9am-4pm.
  • See Flyer and application coming out in April.
  • Contact: Stephanie Gallant

Let’s Camp S’more October 12th-14th, 2018 – residential camping.  Designed for 1st year and new Guides. A patrol of 7 Guides and 1 Guider will get instruction and hands on training in beginning camp skills. This camp will help girls be ready for Girl Guide Camping with skills in tent set up, camp kitchen set up, camp cooking and dishes, and Kit list development. At Camp McLanlin.

Approximate cost $10-20/girl

See Flyer and application coming out in May.

Contact: Stephanie Gallant

Adventure Camp Guider taster: July 14-15 2018 For Guiders (adults)

    • Cheakamus Lake, 2km easy hike. Overnight Sat/Sun camp
    • purpose is a “taster”: to show how to do an adventure camp for Guiders to build skills and to plan adventure camps for their girls.
    • Training for shelter building and wilderness camp skills, spot sending….
    • Try different types of backcountry foods- prepacked and dehydrating own
    • Approximate cost $20-30
    • See Flyer and application coming out in April.
    • Contact: Stephanie Gallant
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