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Are you a camping enthusiast Guider? We would love more camp enthusiasts to join our team and support the building of camp skills in girls from Sparks to Rangers. Our next meeting is on Monday Jan 15 2018 from 7-9pm at Fraser Skies Area Center. Please email if you’re interested or want to know more:

Contact: Stephanie

Upcoming Events:

Sparks Skills Day – All Sparks in Fraser Skies Area

Date: Jan 20, 2018

Time: 2 Sessions 8:45am-11:45am or 1-4pm

Place: Church of The Nazarene: 2390 McMillan Rd, Abbotsford, BC

Patrols of Sparks with a Guider go through stations run by the camp committee core staff to practice camp skills. Activities will include making bedrolls, tent etiquette, fire safety, outdoor safety / hug a tree.

Cost: $10 /patrol

Patrols: Please apply as a patrol of 5 girls and 1 Guider or Parent Volunteer with Police Record Check

Registration: Google Doc Link:

Application Deadline is December 15th.

Contact for event: Anita

Under the Boughs Winter Camp – Pathfinders and Rangers


Date: March 2-4 2018

Place: Manning Park- Lone Duck group site

**Winter Camp Training** Jan 14, 4-6pm at Fraser Skies Area Centre

**Training night is key for new or beginner winter campers**

Come learn and practice your winter camping skills. We have core staff to help along the way. Look for application information coming out soon.

 Contact: Barb

Pathfinder Leadership Camp – Pathfinders

Date: April 13-15, 2018

Place: Ponder Park 25199 76 Ave Langley

** Info/Training night Feb 11th 2018 – Fraser Skies Area center

A 3rd year Pathfinder plans a camp- she invites girls to join her patrol camp (can be Guides, Pathfinders or friends). The Pathfinder plans the meals, activities, makes the kit lists, organizes equipment, fills in paperwork, makes the budget and collects funds… yes, the whole camp planning! The Pathfinder then runs her camp at Ponder park supervised by Guiders. It’s a grouping of small camps all run by different Pathfinders.

Contact: Deb

Get “knotty” at your unit meetings:

Knots are one of the skills girls and Guiders need to practice often to have the skill ready at camps. Have ropes for girls to practice at meetings and make knot tying fun with crafts, games and challenges. Instructions are found on the knot page in the reference section of your program books.

Check out the instant meetings for knot games and challenges. Examples: JUST YOUR BASIC KNOTS or SURVIVOR UKNKNOT (YOU CAN KNOT). Instant meetings can be found at:

 Knot focus for each level:

Sparks: reef knot (scarf knot) and how to tie shoe laces.

Brownies: reef knot and clove hitch (review shoe tying too)

Guides: clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline and taught line hitch.

Pathfinders: hitches, bowline, taught line hitch and truckers hitch

Rangers: truckers hitch, prusik and butterfly


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