Do you know a deserving Guider who is amazing and deserves to be recognized for all she does for Girl Guides? Did you know you can nominate her for an award? Fraser Skies Area would love to see lots of awards presented every year! Here are the steps to take to make it happen…

  1. Contact your Awards rep or District Commissioner to consult with them.
  2. Download the R.3N (National) or R.3P (Provincial) application form and get more information about the criteria for available awards at

  1. Get letters of support; they should contain the nominee’s involvement at the Unit, District, or Area level(s), the extra efforts she devotes to Guiding as well as the reasons the letter writer feels the nominee is deserving of the award. The nominee must have some training, the required number of years of service for Unit Guider Awards etc. Check with your District Awards rep for help on how to write letters of support.
  2. Ask your Commissioner or Awards rep to get the nominees’ Member Profile Report from iMIS and print a hard copy.

 Submit your application package by the required deadline:

The package must be submitted in hard-copy and include:

  1. 3N or R.3P form – signed by the person nominating and the District Commissioner (note – if the award is for your commissioner you need an Area Commissioner signature instead of the District Commissioner).
  2. Required amount of supporting letters (must not be written by a family member)
  3. Member Profile Report – your District Commissioner or District Awards rep can request this from the area iMIS contact.
  • Application must be at the Fraser Skies Area Centre by the due dates (including those being submitted by your District Awards rep or Commissioner).
  • Tip – it can take a few weeks to get letters and the signatures you need so it’s a good idea to get started as soon as you can prior to the deadline!


Awards that are presented at the District Level:

  • Unit Guider / Thanks Pin / Commissioner Awards


October 15     for awards presented in November and December.

January 15     for awards presented at prior to your year-end.

March    15     for awards present at your year-end event.

Awards that are presented at the Area level during the Adult Appreciation Dinner:

January 15th deadline

  • Merit Awards / B.C. Guider Appreciation / Book of Honor / National Awards

We hope to have your reply back within a few weeks after the due date.

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