Diversity and inclusion

Fraser Skies Area wishes to hear girls say:

What this looks like in Fraser Skies:

  • Attracts and reflects the diverse identities, communities and lived experiences in Canada.
  • Values and respects diversity and creates a sense of inclusivity and belonging for all girls.
  • Recruits and engages girls of diverse backgrounds and is accessible to all girls.

Strategies to get us there:

  • Examine diversity and inclusion: develop a committee representing each District; gather resources for each District; collect qualitative information for each region; and set direction for the Area.
  • Educate about what diversity and inclusion looks like: multiple training opportunities using the Bias Awareness Equity Training Module.
  • Explore diversity and inclusion opportunities: investigate all avenues open to the Area for examples and help available to our Guiders to prepare and identify for increased diversity within our Units.
  • Evaluate diversity and inclusion that presently exists within the Area: using observation; discussion at the District level and a survey sent to each contact Guider. (Strategy #5: Diversity and Inclusion Framework)

What success will look like:

  • Increase in alignment between GGC and the Canadian Mosaic.
  • Guiders offering a more balanced and inviting program to all.
  • Girls feeling they have a place where they are safe and accepted.

Fraser Skies Area Committee Meeting Minutes

Diversity is the who… the representation of many different types of people (gender, race ethnicity, religion, ability, socio-economic status etc.).

Inclusion is the how… the behaviours that welcome and embrace diversity; the creation of an environment where all different kinds of people can succeed and thrive

Therefore, as an Area we will focus on Strategic Priority #3 in the Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

Important Links about Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusivity

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